Since day one, we have sacrificed profit by remaining focused on one clear vision: to produce the fastest growing venison genetics. For deer farming to grow and prosper, the very best genetics are required. Genetic decisions represent one of the biggest determining factors in farm profitability, ensuring the genetics of today support the markets of tomorrow.

Because we’re farmers too, we look at things with the same eyes you do. We look and think ahead based on market insights that will set the landscape for the next generation. We work with you to help identify the best genetics to meet your individual objectives and ensure your success.



We are passionate deer farmers who recognise the gains genetics can introduce to any farming operation. So, combining our breeding and finishing farm with a venison genetics stud we purchased from DIL was a natural progression for our business. From here – Melior was born.



Our objective is simple and straightforward: to use our quality genetics to create the maximum profitability for every commercial venison farmer in New Zealand.



We never stop working to evolve and improve our breeding programmes, so that we can deliver you stags and hinds that will add value to your operation and improve your bottom line.

Since I made the change to buying high EBV Stags from Melior Genetics (formerly Deer Improvement Ltd) my weaning weights have lifted by 20kg – nothing else has changed in my operation. I have always fed my deer well, I am just reaping the benefits of the genetics.

Ray Mills - Feilding, Manawatu

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